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Toyz Audi A3 White   CARETOY10054

Toyz Audi A3 White B10

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Product Description

The car on the Audi A3 battery - just like its "adult" counterpart - is characterized by its unique design and the extraordinary fun it provides. Its powerful engines and capacious batteries guarantee a smooth ride and a long play time on a single charge. Of course, theequipment is also at the highest level .Children's car Audi A3 Toyz has systems that guarantee: safety, comfort and great fun. The remote control will give you a bit of childlike joy - the way of the parent

What do you gain by choosing a car for the Audi A3 battery  for your child?

  • The original look of the car thanks to the use of the Audi license
  • Different fun options - your child can drive a battery-powered car or let you control it with a remote control
  • Comfort - the car has, among others the so-called. slow start - accelerates gradually and rubber bands on the rear wheels - increase traction
  • Security - provides them, among others automatic brake - the vehicle stops after removing the leg from the accelerator pedal
  • The fun of your child - the A3 model offers a lot of surprises:
    • different speeds of movement
    • LED lights: front and reversing
    • steering wheel with horn and buttons activating melodies
    • backlit multimedia panel with MP3 player input
  • Long time of fun on one charge - A3 model has two 6V batteries with a total capacity of 8Ah )
  • Thread power thanks to two 6V motors (35W each)
  • Clear instructions and easy installation

Dimensions: 114 x 65 x 53cm

Dimensions of the seat: 26 x 18cm

Weight: 13Kgs

Weight Limit: Maximum up to 30 Kgs

Power: 2 x 6V (70W total), 2 x 6V battery (8Ah total)

Size of the package: 117 x 58 x 35cm